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is an agronomic and precision farm consulting and seed sales company located in Regina, SK.

Ryan Goodwin BSA, P.Ag, CCA

Ryan Goodwin grew up on a grain farm near McCord, Saskatchewan as the middle child of five. Ryan, along with his dad and older brother continue to operate the family farm. Upon graduation from high school, Ryan spent several years working as a farm hand, custom spraying, hauling grain in the winters and working agricultural retail. After several years working, Ryan decided to attend the University of Saskatchewan where he obtained a diploma in agriculture and then a degree in agriculture with a major in agronomy and a minor in agricultural business. While attending university, Ryan worked for several grain companies focusing on expanding his knowledge of agronomy. Upon graduating university, Ryan spent time working in agronomic consulting, farming, and GPS sales and consulting. Prior to the establishment of ARROW CROP MANAGEMENT, Ryan spent several years focused on precision farm consulting in a full-time Geo-Coach role. 

Ryan loves nothing more than to contribute to the success of farm operations and feeling the satisfaction of playing a role in pushing yields to new levels.  Seeing firsthand how embracing technology has changed his family’s and others’ farms has pushed Ryan to seek out a role where he is able to help other farmers utilize the advanced equipment that is available to increase the efficiency and productivity of their farms.  Helping growers marry agronomy with technology is what Ryan loves most.

Ryan resides in Regina, SK and serves the surrounding areas. When not working, Ryan enjoys just about anything that involves his three sons, Eli, Will and Daniel.  Next to his family and farming, Ryan’s other main interest is aviation.  Ryan holds a private pilots license and enjoys flying, talking about flying, or dreaming about flying.



Ask any of the 170 AGRI-TREND Coach Professionals what they love most about being a part of AGRI-TREND and the answer will be unanimous, "The Network". Made up of 170 Coach Professionals from disciplines such as Agrology, Grain Marketing, Precision Farming, Land Resources and Farm Business Management including 58 PHd's, MSc's and CCA's serving as Senior Coach advisors to the rest of the network we run by the motto "share what you know". When you hire ARROW CROP MANAGEMENT you are getting more than just one person, you are getting the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from the rest of the AGRI-TREND Network.


For more information on the vast Senior Coach Network visit here.



We are an agronomic and precision farm consulting and seed sales company located in Regina, SK. We believe more than anything else that we are in the people business, and we aim to provide customized solutions based on what each client needs. We offer a wide range of services and products. We also strive to offer a package that fits your farm's unique needs. We specialize in premium agronomic consulting including crop scouting, tissue testing, fertility planning and variable rate fertilizer application.



Regina, SK

P: 306-520-8202

E: ryan@arrowcrop.com

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