AGRI-TREND - The Power to Perform

ARROW CROP MANAGEMENT is privileged to be a member of the AGRI-TREND Network. What exactly does this mean? What exactly do you get when you work with ARROW CROP MANAGEMENT and AGRI-TREND?  


Our customers tell us we make them more profitable by providing:

  • Innovative agricultural leadership

  • Unbiased, independant advice

  • Confidence to make better decisions


"To help farmers allocate scarce resources to supply the world with a safe, reliable, profitable food supply in an environmentally sustainable manner"




The strength of the AGRI-TREND netwrok is not in a single person but the synergy and knowledge shared across a North American network.



Proven, systematic strategic business processes.



The Agri-Data Solution is a robust, online business platform that transforms your agricultural data into action-ready information.



The AGRI-TREND Network is made up of over 170 coach professionals from several disciplines including 58 Phd's, MSc's and CCA's who serve as senior coaches to the rest of the AGRI-TREND Network. Together, we cover the major disciplines in farming and provide integrated value, helping farmers grow the crop, sell the crop and manage the money. At ARROW CROP MANAGEMENT we know what we do well and we want to help you focus on what you do well. Our passion is growing the crop and we focus our energy helping you grow the best crop. We partner with our collegues in other disciplines to help you market your crop and manage the finances. If you see a fit for one of our Market-Coach, Farm Business Coach or Land-Coach collegues on your farm, we'd love to connect you with one of them to bring full, integrated Professional Coaching to your farm.



We are an agronomic and precision farm consulting and seed sales company located in Regina, SK. We believe more than anything else that we are in the people business, and we aim to provide customized solutions based on what each client needs. We offer a wide range of services and products. We also strive to offer a package that fits your farm's unique needs. We specialize in premium agronomic consulting including crop scouting, tissue testing, fertility planning and variable rate fertilizer application.



Regina, SK

P: 306-520-8202


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