We have one overarching goal to everything we do: improve your short and long-term profitability. It's all about allocating scarce resources - achieving higher yields while lowering your cost of production. In the end, we are another part of your team. We do the homework - doing analytics, interpretation of the data, making customized recommendations for each field, scouting your fields in-season, and tracking performance to ensure you achieve your goals.


Consistantly improving your profitability is a lofty goal and this doesn't happen by chance. The only way to provide consistent, measurable results is by having a process and a plan to make it happen time and time again. We use the AGRI-TREND Strategic Crop Plan. The Strategic Crop Plan process defines the strategy and goals for your overall operation and then unlocks the full potential of each specific field. Your Strategic Crop Plan is highly detailed and includes a comprehensive step-by-step action plan. During the season we will keep a close eye on your investment in your fields. 


It has been said, "the most important thing you can put on your crop is your shadow". It is about far more than just weed scouting too. Weed, disease and insect scouting are important componants of The Crop Health Initiative but it more complex than that. The Crop Health Initiative is about monitoring the plan and protecting your investment. From measuring plant densitites to weeds, diseases, insects, roots, shoots, nutrient deficiencies, soil moisture reserves, there are always things we can learn from the plants, we just have to watch, listen and "think like a plant". We only have one chance to learn and adapt, and that is by continually casting a shadow on the crop.  


In many ways The Soil Analyzer and The Crop Programmer is the backbone of the Strategic Crop Plan employed by ARROW CROP MANAGEMENT. Afterall, everything starts from the soil and we need to know where we are starting from. Our Soil Analyzer is not your typical soil test either. We refuse to compromise the quality or the process by which we take a sample. Every detail, from GPS referenced sample points to sampling the correct position in the row of the previous crop is critical to starting the process with good information. We need to know what's in the soil: nutrient levels, organic matter, as well as physical and chemical properties to know what we are starting off with. And only a quality sample taken with care can provide confidence in the information we need. Good information is critical, as the old saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. 

Once we have good soil test information and get to know your fields, inclulding many observations taken by the agronomist during sampling, the real work begins. The Field Programmer is made up of many componants, resulting in a field by field fertility plan for each field on your farm, as well as many other characteristics. We bring together all the pieces, including agronomic information, risk tolerance, yield targets, economic goals and logistics to build a customized plan for each field on your farm. In addition to the fertility recommendation, The Field Programmer will build a plan for seeding rates based on OPD's (Optimum Plant Densities) based on crop, seed source, soil type and yield target. What sets The Field Programmer apart is the the quality control process. Every Field Programmer written is cross-referenced by a Quality control Agri-Coach. This means every crop plan has two Agri-Coaches backing their farms, working to allocate crop inputs strategically. Take this process to the next level by implementing the Precision Management Process. Learn more by viewing our Precision Farming page.


If you don't measure it you can't manage it. Knowing where your fields rank from year to year is powerful information and by measuring where you're making money and where you're not, we are poised to increase your profitability. AGRI-TREND PowerMarks provides a quick indicator of which fields are doing well and which need improvement in three critical categories of your farm production:


"measure the cost of producing a bushel of grain on each field of your farm"


"measure the amount of grain you produce per inch of water on each field of your farm"


"measure the amount of nitrogen it takes to produce a bushel of grain on each field on your farm"



We are an agronomic and precision farm consulting and seed sales company located in Regina, SK. We believe more than anything else that we are in the people business, and we aim to provide customized solutions based on what each client needs. We offer a wide range of services and products. We also strive to offer a package that fits your farm's unique needs. We specialize in premium agronomic consulting including crop scouting, tissue testing, fertility planning and variable rate fertilizer application.



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