At ARROW CROP MANAGEMENT we run our business in The Agri-Data Solution. Accessing and understanding data is critical to our business, just as it is yours. The data your farm generates is only as good as our ability to access it and measure it. That is why we lean so heavily on the Agri-Data Solution to capture everything from historical soil test data, to yield data to field application records.  

We know there are a few absolutely critical requirments for a farm data management system to be useful for Western Canadian Farmers. It has to be 1) secure, 2) easy to use, 3) accessible and 4) flexiible and adaptable. We found all these and more in the AGRI-DATA SOLUTION from AGRI-TREND. And the best part? Full service clients of Arrow Crop Management get access to ADS at no additional cost. 

Intuitive Easy to Use Interface
  • The fully web based system is easy to learn, requires no software to be installed, and no backups to manage.

  • Simple navigation and intuitive interface allow users to be up and running with a minimal learning curve.

  • Farm Calendar and mobile interfaces allow for quick and easy data entry.      

See the Bigger Picture with Farm Maps

Draw field maps in minutes using satellite imagery or upload boundary maps from your equipment.


  • Maps are color coded automatically by crop type.

  • View Variable Rate Zone Maps, Yield Maps and soil test data

  • Locate your position on the map, while in the field.

Manage and Analyze Cost of Production
  • Building budgets becomes quick and easy

  • Easy to get a grasp on total revenues and expenses, for the whole farm, or by field, or even per unit of production

  • Track planned budget against the actuals as the season unfolds

  • Use budget reports to choose between different options and manage better, or to pitch your business plan to partners or banks.

Manage & Track Crop Input Purchases
  • Match what you have purchased against what you have applied.

  • Product Prices feed directly into the applications screen

  • Easily balance what you have applied with what you have purchased

  • Calculate the average cost of each product

  • Track Seed, Fertilizer and Pesticide Purchases

  • Optimized for use on Ipad, Android and Windows mobile devices

  • Create field by field recommendations

  • Complete the recommendations directly in the field

  • Weather data is populated automatically from internet

  • All spraying reports are automatically time stamped and archived

Automated Import & Storage of Lab Data
  • Easily Import or receive soil and tissue tests directly from labratory.

  • Review Trend lines of soil tests over time visually with graphs.

  • Store soil, tissue, manure, water analysis and more

  • Generate submittal forms by field or zone directly from the system.

Trusted, Reliable, Secure
  • For over 10 years we have been delivering quality online to our customers.    

  • Utilizing the same level of security as your bank, and partnering with expert hosting providers we ensure you data is safe a secure.

  • Accessible 24x7 365 days a year.

  • We make sure your data is available when you need it.

  • Assign different security levels as needed, depending on the user type.



We are an agronomic and precision farm consulting and seed sales company located in Regina, SK. We believe more than anything else that we are in the people business, and we aim to provide customized solutions based on what each client needs. We offer a wide range of services and products. We also strive to offer a package that fits your farm's unique needs. We specialize in premium agronomic consulting including crop scouting, tissue testing, fertility planning and variable rate fertilizer application.



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