We know as well as anyone about the hype and flash around VRT Fertility Management. At ARROW CROP MANAGEMENT, we just want to help you make better use of your fertility dollars. When it comes down to it, it's just another step along the path to better agronomy.



We've seen improved fertilizer use efficiency with our clients when we begin to soil test by field and create fertility plans with greater detail, always working within the constraints of the logistical requirements of your farm. 


VRT Fertility Management is just the next step in the process of improved fertility management. Have a look at the example to the left to see why we believe in this agronomic approach to fertility management.



The zone map is the foundation of any VRT Fertillity Management program. If we don't get the zone map right, we are doomed from the beginning. But if we start with a map that truly represents your field and its variability, we've got a solid base to build a plan. For this reason, we've taken a slightly different approach than you may have seen before. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of factors that go into establishing the variability within your fields. It is very short-sighted to believe that only one approach can tell us all we need to know about the variability within your fields. That's why we keep a range of options in our toolbox and deploy the necessary options where the need arises. What's more, we view this not as an event to occur at the beginning of the VRT plan, but rather a process that continually evolves. We want to be continually evolving and refining our maps through ground-truthing, crop-scouting, tissue testing and yield data analysis.



Our approaches can be divided into two categories, TOP-DOWN and BOTTOM-UP. Our TOP-DOWN approaches tell us WHAT IS happening and WHAT HAS happened historically. Our BOTTOM-UP approaches begin to give us some keys to understand WHY the variability occurs and what the causes are.




When it comes to utilizing the information from historical satellite imagery, there is no better way than POWERZONE. With POWERZONE, you get accurate and reliable Crop Productivity Index (CPI) Maps created with up to 30 years of available imagery in combination with a scientific algorithim. The POWERZONE CPI Maps show the relative ability of the field to produce a crop in different areas. Using multiple years of data eliminates the field variability from year to year, resulting in a more accurate base to build a stronger agronomic plan. Better information = better zone creation.  


The true value of POWERZONE is realized when we take a step back from the field level and look at the farm on a whole. That's why we've structured a program that allows you to have POWERZONE done on the whole farm. Use the POWERZONE field ranking system to decide which fields to prioritize for VRT or examine your POWERZONE number to see what your ROI could be by implementing a variable rate.

The best part of the POWERZONE process is that its usefulness goes far beyond just establishing zone for VRT Fertility Management. POWERZONE has been used for evaluating potential land purchases/rent, choosing tissue and soil sample points, deciding fields which are best VRT candidates and more.



One of our most powerful "bottom-up" approaches is soil electrical conductivity (EC) mapping. Commonly reffered to as "Veris mapping", relative Soil EC can give us powerful informatiion on a field such as saline problem areas and soil textural differences within the field.
We always map on 40-50' passes to ensure high quality repeatable EC and elevation data, which is quite diffferent than commonplace in the market. Many choose to map on 90'-100' or even more, resulting in less than half the data compared to our proven process. 



During Soil EC mapping, we also collect RTK elevation data which allows us to create powerful elevation models of the field.


There is immense value to an accurate elevation model when evaluating all other data layers. The elevation model is rarely our base layer for zone creation but can act as a reference for all other data layers we evaluate. In a Western Canadian climate, topography effects everything. From moisture availability to excess moisture to erosion and soil formation first understanding topography can help us better interpret all other sources of information.  


Because we are mapping RTK elevation simultaneously with other operations, we can also bundle this service with Field Water Management Planning to provide a complete solution. 



At the end of the day, there is no better report card than a quality yield map. Whether it be viewing your historical yield maps or analyzing the yield map from a field that has been managed by VRT application, a yield map can hold insights not available with any other forms. We can help with proper calibration and monitor set-up prior to the harvest season to ensure the best quality maps possible. these maps can be used to analyze the current management zones, evaluate ROI of VRT management and determine any successes and places to improve the current strategy.



The management zone map is the foundation of our VRT Fertility Management plan, then agronomy is the framing. What is a house without proper framing? About the same as a VRT Fertility Management plan without soil testing and expert analysis. Afterall, we already said VRT management is just better agronomy, so we've taken our tried and true 10 step soil interpretation process and scaled it up to be used in zone management. Just as with all our strategic crop plans, every field, every zone, every soil test, and every recommendation is cross referenced by a quality control Agri-Coach. Every field, every zone and every soil test has two Agri-Coaches pouring over it, looking for the every possible way to make you more profit. To learn more about our Strategic Crop Plan and the 10 Step Soil Interpretation Process, read more about our Agrology Consulting Services by clicking HERE.




Not much matters if we don't do our part to make sure everything works for you. That's why we've made the extra effort to offer unmatched in-field support for our prescription maps for all types of contrtollers. We know what spring is like and there is no time for waiting on the edge of the field, waiting on hold, or waiting for a call back from someone because you just can't make the controller read the prescription. We are there for you when you need us and frequently make the effort to be in the field with you when you get going, just to give you the piece of mind you're looking for.



We are an agronomic and precision farm consulting and seed sales company located in Regina, SK. We believe more than anything else that we are in the people business, and we aim to provide customized solutions based on what each client needs. We offer a wide range of services and products. We also strive to offer a package that fits your farm's unique needs. We specialize in premium agronomic consulting including crop scouting, tissue testing, fertility planning and variable rate fertilizer application.



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